Since 1988, Siegfried has been serving financial executives across the country, working closely with them on some of their most critical accounting and finance projects. This month, they are celebrating 35 years of growth and success.

Rob Siegfried took a risk and founded his company as a traditional CPA firm. He continues to serve as CEO, and Siegfried has evolved significantly since its founding 35 years ago. Today, Siegfried is a national, entrepreneurial leadership organization that provides hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies with a powerful combination of leadership advisory, talent delivery, and financial advisory services. Through this strategic bundle of services, leaders and financial decision makers can better clarify the best path forward and we can assist them with getting their most important work done right.

“When I started this Firm, I had no idea of how great the possibilities were,” Rob shared as the company celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018. “And it took a lot more work and time than you might think to get it right. But I trusted and felt that I had the ambition and faithful courage to do something great, and it was a risk worth taking.”

Siegfried currently employs more than 1,300 people in 18 locations around the country and over the last three years had an organic growth rate of nearly 80 percent. The Firm’s continual growth is a result of its strategic service offering, which is the synergistic combination of talent delivery, leadership and financial advisory, and relationships.

“The needs of our clients and all companies are constantly changing,” Rob reflects. “Our stakeholders find our strategic service offering, particularly leadership advisory, increasingly more important as they continue to face the complexities, confusion, and complications of bureaucracy. They also find our higher purpose, which is to help people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives, inspiring and energizing.” Siegfried looks forward to another 35 years and beyond of delivering on its higher purpose and helping people and companies better lead themselves and create positive impact around them.