Siegfried, a national firm that specializes in leadership advisory and talent delivery services, is passionate about helping others transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives.

In support of that, Siegfried launched its blog in April 2018. And since then, the company’s marketing team has worked with more than 30 people at the Firm to publish nearly 100 original posts, including five full-length features on Siegfried employees, with more to come.

“We work with so many incredible and multi-talented people,” said Samantha Conway, Associate Director of Marketing. “And they all have unique stories and insights to share. Our blog gives us a space to do justice to those stories in a way that feels true to who they are as people, but also to who we are as a company.”

The most popular stories on the blog are those that focus on Siegfried’s employees, but other frequently read posts include Think bigger and dream more and Make your heart sing by finding your micro-motives.

Awards and accolades

Siegfried’s blog has been recognized by national creative and marketing agencies for its writing, visual appeal, and web design.

  • The Hermes Creative Awards honored the blog with two platinum (Web Writing and Blog Writing) and two gold awards (Blog Design and Overall Blog).
  • The Communicator Awards recognized the blog for its design, visual appeal, and writing with Awards of Distinction.

Since its inception, the blog has received nearly 40,000 visits, with an average of 1,600 visitors each month. A new article is published each Thursday.

“We’re doing our best to make leadership concepts relatable to everyone,” said Megan Davis, Content Marketing Associate and editor of the Siegfried blog. “Leadership isn’t just for CEOs and executives — it’s for everyone. We are leaders of our own lives, and in that aspect, we all have work to do.”

Looking ahead

As the blog marks two years, the team looks forward to continuing to create and share educational, empowering, and relatable content that helps people become better leaders.

“There’s something very meaningful about connecting to others in this way,” said Davis. “And, as we explore ways to elevate our written material, including audio and video components, we can better support everyone’s leadership journeys, which is an important part of our Firm’s higher purpose.”

Siegfried’s blog, available at, was designed and developed by Lyquix.