Deep, meaningful relationships support a purposeful life and bring success and fulfillment. Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder of The Siegfried Group, LLP (Siegfried), recently encouraged his employees to take the time to consider how they could interact with their networks more intentionally to inspire positive change and growth for all involved.

“I learned a long time ago nobody can take your network away from you,” Rob shared as he took the MY Journey® stage. “It's more than what it means from a professional standpoint, it's really what it means to your life in a big way: you're not in this by yourself and we're not in this by ourselves, and both personally and professionally, the more you have a really vibrant network, the better person you're going to be.”

Employees heard from Rob and featured guest speakers Mick Ebeling and Gabby Bernstein during this MY Journey® event, focusing on topics like connecting with meaningful stories in communities to spark positive change and surrendering to yourself and true intentions to be in tune with your inner voice.

Perspective and context show what’s most important

Maintaining optimism and focus in the face of daily challenges can be exhausting and requires perspective to truly connect with what you are doing and why. Taking the time to step back and remind yourself of the context and adjust your perspective leads to gratitude, positivity, and a sense of purpose.

“What we’re trying to do here as a Firm is to help people get the most out of their lives, to exponentially improve their lives,” Rob said. “MY Journey® puts everything in perspective and brings into focus that we're only here for a certain amount of time. It's finite. When you think about it in context, we're not here that long. So we might as well make the most of it, and try to attract likeminded people and people interested in continued growth and being the best they can be.”

Connect with your community and approach life through your lens

Finding the motivation and drive to create something fulfilling and compelling for yourself comes from connecting with your community, according to founder of Not Impossible Labs Mick Ebeling. The Fortune magazine Top 50 World’s Greatest Leaders and Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year award winner shared powerful stories of developing life-changing technology and encouraged attendees to think beyond the typical scope and metrics of success to redefine their impact on the world.

“Everyone in tech, and Silicon Valley, talks about finding the next unicorn, what’s the best exit strategy, how do we become the next billion-dollar company?” said Mick. “But the way you measure impact is just the way you measure impact. It doesn’t have to be in dollars or users. How can you create the most impact? Then decide how you’re going to do it.”

For Mick, engaging with his local community brought him countless opportunities to create impact one person at a time. After meeting local artist Tony Quan, who was paralyzed with ALS, Mick felt responsible to find an affordable method to help him create again. Using cheap boardwalk sunglasses and some wire, Mick and his team created The Eyewriter, allowing Tony to create and communicate by moving just his eyes. It was the world’s first affordable technology to help people with ALS, and it all started with Mick connecting with Tony and his story.

“Who is your one?” asked Mick. “It’s not about solving malaria or hunger or these massive things, it’s about boiling it down to one. And then one becomes two, and two becomes four. So, who is your one? Who’s going to be the impact that you create in the world?”

Listen to your inner voice to maximize your value

Daily life often asks us to leave our personalities and emotions to the side. But Gabby Bernstein, a number one New York Times bestselling author, argued that limiting your personality and true expression of yourself would be inauthentic to your life experience.

“Your vibes speak louder than your words. And so when you're grounded in your presence, when you're grounded in an energy that is calm, connected, curious, and creative, you are in what I refer to as Self-energy,” explained Gabby. “It’s your authentic truth. It's the power of who you are. It's the grace within you, the strength, courage, resilience within you.”

By embracing the traits that make you the uniquely valuable person you are, you can transcend your limits and achieve your wildest dreams. “We have this tremendous power of presence that we can bring to any situation, no matter how difficult it may be. No matter how uncomfortable it may be. And when we bring that presence of Self-energy to it, anything is possible.”

Rob Siegfried, Mick Ebeling, and Gabby Bernstein were the main speakers at Siegfried’s 23rd MY Journey® event, which was hosted by Rob to help employees focus on their personal and professional development. More information about the Firm and its career opportunities is available at