The Siegfried Group recently launched its eighth cohort of the Director Xcelerator (DX) program, immersing participants in the Firm’s unique model and sales process. The intensive training program helps participants gain vast leadership advisory skills while supporting continued growth goals and Siegfried’s higher purpose of helping people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives.

The program, which emphasizes a strong entrepreneurial mindset, helps employees make significant progress on their personal and professional goals by focusing on the development of strong habits and behaviors. “If you really want to be a successful leader, both personally and professionally, you have to have the discipline to continually learn and grow,” said Parker Thomas, Associate Director in Charlotte. “It takes hard work, commitment, vulnerability, and self-awareness on what needs to be done to be your best self, and DX provides the platform to challenge yourself to maintain those standards.”

For Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder of Siegfried, the DX program is the realization of his Firm’s values and helps the company deliver on its promises to employees. “When we looked at how we could maintain our high-level growth at the Firm, we realized quickly that it was down to our ability to grow and develop more people into Managing Directors,” he said.

Inspiring transformation through leadership development

The DX program provides participants the opportunity to become better leadership advisors through active shadowing, focused leadership seminars, and other practical and skill-building experiences. The current cohort, which kicked off this past October in Las Vegas, NV, has 12 members — including one Siegfried alumnus and an external hire — and will run through August.

“DX contributed greatly to my transformation as a leader,” shared Taniqua Bailey, Associate Director in Chicago. “It helped me have patience with myself and treat each day as a stepping stone to greatness. It’s also helped me gain clarity on the type of leader I want to be, for myself and everyone in my life: a leader that practices gratitude, models kindness, and cultivates commitment. By defining my values of leading with authenticity, selflessness, and thoughtfulness, I can truly be of-service to others and build and deepen relationships in my life.”

Dan Masterov, a member of the current DX cohort, is looking forward to growing as a leader to improve his life, personally and professionally. “I want to truly embrace exponential growth and become more seriously relevant and irresistibly compelling to the people around me. The better my individual leadership becomes, the more lives I can positively impact, including those of our Professionals, clients, coworkers, friends, and family.”

Supporting success, now and in the future

The program’s success is measurable. DX graduates have brought in more than 400 new clients, including a Fortune 100 technology company, a Fortune 500 food and beverage company, and a Fortune 500 banking and finance firm, and they have deployed more than 1,400 unique professionals on a wide variety of interesting and challenging projects.

“We already have the best people here at Siegfried, and DX is about elevating those individuals to help them build long-term relationships with our clients, add value, and provide compelling work for our professionals,” said Wendy Saure, Senior Vice President, National Sales Operations. “After going through the program, DX graduates transform into better leaders and then help our clients and all of our stakeholders do the same.”