Individual leadership is about more than just leading yourself and others – it’s a relentless commitment to inspiring and motivating yourself to better leverage your unique abilities, dreams, and passions. At a recent MY Journey® event, Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder of The Siegfried Group, LLP (Siegfried), spoke about the power of engaging in deep self-reflection on the path to mastering individual leadership.

Siegfried’s MY Journey® program helps employees build mastery in a variety of areas, enhance their leadership capabilities, and experience transformational growth. During this particular event, attendees heard from both Rob and guest speaker Dr. Hitendra Wadhwa, a professor at Columbia Business School and Founder and President of the Mentora Institute.

Embracing change for transformational growth

Acknowledging that self-transformation is a lifelong journey, Rob explained during his segment that strong leaders become intensely passionate and motivated about their own lives before they learn to lead others. “You aren’t born a leader, but you can learn to become one,” Rob said. “It’s hard to lead other people if you can’t lead yourself.”

Participants had the opportunity to reflect on their proudest accomplishments, most ambitious goals, and personal progress on the path to mastering individual leadership. “We need to listen to our hearts, our souls, and our minds to gain clarity about who we really are and what we really want,” Rob explained. “When we do this type of reflective thinking to uncover our deepest desires, we find the energy we need to dream bigger and become better leaders.”

From ordinary to extraordinary

Dr. Wadhwa presented insights from his 15 years of research, focusing on the idea that successful leaders draw from within. He spoke about the principles necessary to be the best version of yourself, including self-motivation and the drive to inspire others. “You and I are charged with transforming society into something a little more beautiful.”

Referencing his book, Inner Mastery, Outer Impact, Dr. Wadhwa gave participants a set of actions and strategies to encourage them to unleash their inner potential. “How do we ascend from ordinary to extraordinary?” Dr. Wadhwa asked, allowing attendees to reflect on where they stood on their paths to mastering individual leadership. “You already have everything you need within you. It’s up to you to unlock it.” This MY Journey® event was hosted live in Las Vegas and broadcast to 16 locations around the country. More than 1,000 people were in attendance.

About Siegfried’s MY Journey® program

MY Journey® is an investment that Siegfried makes in its employees to help them build mastery in a variety of areas. Rooted in the Firm’s higher purpose to help people transform themselves into better individual leaders to exponentially improve their lives, MY Journey® is just one of the ways Siegfried employees experience leadership advisory and transformative growth. A multi-faceted program, MY Journey® includes live events with compelling guest speakers, leadership advisory trainings with our CEO and Founder, on-demand courses, interactive professional development calls with experts, special allowances to support MY Journey® goals, state-of-the-art education, customized tools, and more. Additional information is available at

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