On Saturday, May 20, Siegfried held its 12th MY Journey® Firm-wide event, focused on developing mastery in individual leadership to help people find new ways to influence, inspire, and motivate themselves and others.

MY Journey® was broadcast live to 15 locations across the country, and more than 600 Siegfried employees and special guests participated in activities designed to help them clarify their strategic direction, continue developing mastery in individual leadership, become more connected to the world, and most importantly, take time to reflect on how they feel, think and intend to take action about various aspects of their lives.

As part of the day’s events, attendees heard from Rob Siegfried, CEO and founder; a panel of eight Siegfried Professionals from across the country; and special guest speaker Verne Harnish, founder of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, founder and CEO of Gazelles, international author, and columnist for Fortune magazine.

“Many people ask what entrepreneurship is,” said Siegfried, who founded the Firm nearly thirty years ago. “Entrepreneurship is leadership. Most large companies are managed, not led, but entrepreneurial firms? They must be led or they fail. There has to be a sense of leadership involved to be successful, and that’s why I place such a high value on building not only my own leadership abilities, but yours.”

Siegfried, who hosted the event from the Four Seasons in Las Vegas led participants in several developmental exercises, asking the group to consider how they would find the energy they needed to master their leadership, and to determine what they most wanted in their lives at that exact moment and then sketch a preliminary plan of how to make it happen.

During the panelist session, Professionals openly discussed with Siegfried their personal experiences with taking full advantage of what the Firm offers its employees, including a compelling culture, interesting and challenging work, unique incentives, and exponential growth.

Following the conclusion of the inspirational panelist discussion, Harnish took the stage and shared his thoughts on why some leaders are able to make their businesses work and others aren’t. “You need three things to ‘scale up,’” he told the crowd simply. “Passion. Purpose. And Persistence.” As someone who has spent the past three decades helping companies scale up, Harnish also shed light on the fundamental job of a leader, which is to “make the lives of others easier.” He further emphasized the importance of having laser focus; nurturing relationships with the key people in your life; spending time with people who are smarter than you; and taking time to think, allowing your best ideas to incubate.

Before the day ended, Siegfried asked attendees to volunteer their insights from what they had seen and heard throughout the event.

MY Journey®

Three times a year, Siegfried hosts a live MY Journey® event, which encourages individuals to grow personally and professionally to create their bigger futures. Each of these events are built around mastering one of seven different focus areas, such as “Confidence” or “Mental Agility.”

In addition to being a fun, interactive, and transformative experience, MY Journey® events promote Siegfried’s higher purpose: We help People become better Leaders to exponentially improve their Lives.

Siegfried’s next event will take place on September 15 and will focus on “Your Bigger Future.”