In 2018, Siegfried launched its blog to serve the Firm’s higher purpose  and support its employees’ development efforts by providing a space for interested people to engage with relevant content, share compelling experiences, and learn from others. Since then, professionals across the Firm have written and shared their stories in five years of original posts, with much more to come.

“Leadership isn’t just for CEOs and executives – it’s for everyone,” said Megan Davis, Director of Brand and Communications. “And our blog is just one way Siegfried makes leadership concepts, tools, and opportunities available to our employees and other interested people.”

Siegfried’s blog offers a unique blend of life and leadership insights, and the most popular stories are those that feature Siegfried’s employees and our culture. This includes the Interesting and Challenging Work series, which centers around the new projects, companies, environments, and industries that Siegfried professionals encounter at the Firm.

Since its inception, Siegfried’s blog has received more than 150,000 visits and averages approximately 2,300 visitors each month. Siegfried looks forward to continuing to create educational, empowering, and relatable content that inspires people to take charge and become better leaders in both their careers and their lives.

“Siegfried’s professionals are passionate about self-improvement, lifelong learning, and growth, and this blog is a reflection of that,” shared Davis. “We’re excited for more and more people to share and connect with our blog content going forward.” The Siegfried blog, available at, was designed and developed by Lyquix.