Three times a year, Siegfried hosts a live MY Journey™ event, which encourages individuals to grow personally and professionally to create their bigger futures.

Each of these events is built around mastering one of six different focus areas, such as “Individual Leadership” or “Confidence.” Recently, during a five-day span, hundreds of Siegfried Professionals attended the Firm's 11th MY Journey™ event, National Summit, and other fulfilling meetings and activities.

MY Journey™ Las Vegas

The MY Journey™ event in Las Vegas focused on Mental Agility and Technical Expertise. “Today is about you,” said Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder. “Now is the time to think about the concepts of mental agility mastery and how they help you develop your individual leadership.” Attendees shared insights with one another, took stock of their current and future goals, and learned about how the right mindset can lead to transformative growth.

Guest speaker Stephen Rivera, Johnson & Johnson’s Worldwide Senior Director, Financial Compliance & Procedures Group, discussed the new revenue recognition accounting standard and explained that this involves moving to a single standard regardless of industry, affecting the Annual Report and contracts in a major way. Rivera said, “There is a high need for accountants who are mentally agile because the new world requires risk judgement based on knowing the business and the rules. Strong communication skills and interaction with those in the business is imperative. Writing skills to document policy and changes will also be essential. A lot of companies will need help because recognizing revenue under the new rules is not easy and is very time intensive.”

During one segment, Siegfried shared the stage with two of Siegfried’s Professional Resources, Wes Payne and Michelle DeMasi, to discuss how they utilize their mental agility on various client engagements. Siegfried professionals take on projects of critical significance and quickly bring exceptional analytical and problem-solving talent to the task at hand to create extreme value.

In addition to being a fun, interactive and developmental experience, MY Journey™ events promote Siegfried’s higher purpose: We help People become better Leaders to exponentially improve their Lives.

Mastery Summit

Professional Resources with at least 30 months of client service at Siegfried are eligible to participate in Mastery Summit. This year’s half-day workshop assisted Professionals with developing their unique abilities as part of building their individual leadership. Adrienne Duffy, the first Strategic Coach® Associate Coach in the United States, and Rob Siegfried led the Mastery Summit workshops on Monday.