We are pleased to announce the next class of its Director Explore (DX) program, a unique and empowering opportunity the Firm provides to employees who are interested in exploring business development leadership positions within the Firm.

The immersive program, which creates an environment for interested Siegfried Professionals to learn more about business development positions at the Firm, emphasizes a strong entrepreneurial mindset. “One of our goals is to build out the personal skills of participants so they are better equipped to be leaders in their own lives,” said Amy Devlin, Managing Director. “Then, they can go out and do the same for others.”

For Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder of Siegfried, the DX program is the realization of his Firm’s values and helps the company deliver on its promises to employees. “When we looked at how we could maintain our high-level growth at the Firm, we realized quickly that it was down to our ability to grow and develop more people into Managing Directors,” he says.

“And who is better positioned to succeed in these roles than current employees? Through the exploration period, people can continue transforming themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives. At the same time, they learn how they can best provide unique value to our clients and the people they care about most – which separates us from other accounting firms in the country.”

 Exploration opportunity

The DX program provides promising Siegfried Professionals the opportunity to explore the role of a Director through active shadowing, focused leadership seminars, and other practical and skills-building experiences. The current class, which kicked off this March in Deer Valley, UT, has 23 members in it and will run through September. The group attends special workshops in Nashville, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington, D. C., and the Firm’s corporate headquarters in Wilmington, DE.

“DX helped me grow in a number of ways,” shares Nick Roby, a member of the fourth DX class who recently earned a promotion to Director. “The one that stands out to me the most is how it helped me to lead a more examined life, specifically by being more aware of my mindset. One of my key takeaways from shadowing our established Directors and Managing Directors was observing others and their strengths, and then reflecting on how I could effectively incorporate them into my routine.”

Caryn Douglas, a member of the current DX class, is looking forward to fully absorbing the experience and learning as much as she can. “I never thought of myself as an impatient person until I started DX. There’s just so much meaningful information, and I wanted to know everything right away. But that’s not the way it works — I’ve learned that patient persistence is going to be key.”

Sustainable success from within

From the program’s previous classes, the Firm has experienced exciting and sustainable success, acquiring more than 150 new clients, including a Fortune 500 broadcasting company; a Fortune 100 online social media and networking service; and a Fortune 500 American food company directly from the program.

More than three-quarters of all Siegfried Professionals who have participated in the program are still in their roles today, and collectively, they’ve deployed more than 200 full-time Siegfried Professionals on Siegfried projects.