On Saturday, July 23, 2016, Siegfried hosted its 9th MY Journey™ event at the Wilmington Country Club in Delaware, broadcasting it live to all of the Firm’s Markets throughout the country.

Guest speaker Dr. Ben Carson addressed the more than 500 Siegfried Professionals and special guests in attendance, motivating them to think about their own education, encouraging them to form their own opinions and perspectives, and asking them to have the courage and the knowledge to share these opinions.

“The human brain is the most fantastic organ system in the universe…and with a brain like that, there really is no reason for people to think about what they can’t do. If the populace ever becomes uninformed, and doesn’t think for itself,” he said, “the nature of our country will change because people would be easy to manipulate.”

Dr. Carson also discussed how his experiences had helped shape his connection to the world. “Everything we do should be done in a way that benefits everyone,” he said. “I’ve been to 58 different countries and it makes me very grateful that I was born in this country [the United States]. But it also helped me recognize that you really have to be familiar with the rest of the world in order to come up with appropriate ways to relate to [it].”

Siegfried Founder and CEO, Rob Siegfried, spoke about developing individual leadership, facilitated the sharing of insights and challenged guests to educate themselves and find out where they stand on issues. “Government and politics and the world around you impact your life,” he said. “We must understand how world events affect us and look harder and more knowledgeably at what’s happening.”

And in a time when current events influence more and more aspects of our day-to-day lives, Cindy Gee, Siegfried’s Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, encouraged attendees to find inspiration and excitement in the face of challenges.   

MY Journey™

Three times a year, Siegfried hosts a live MY Journey™ event, which encourages individuals to grow personally and professionally to create their bigger futures. Each of these events are built around mastering one of six different focus areas, such as “Connected to the World” or “Confidence.”

In addition to being a fun, interactive and transformative experience, MY Journey™ events promote Siegfried’s higher purpose: We help People become better Leaders to exponentially improve their Lives.

“Not every employer puts this much energy and commitment into the development of its employees,” said Gwen Tran, a Siegfried Professional in Philadelphia. “It feels good to be part of a company that wants its employees to not only think about our successful futures, but actually pursue them — and then gives you the tools you need to make it happen.”

Siegfried’s next MY Journey™ event will take place on October 7 in Las Vegas and will focus on “Mental Agility.” In the meantime, check out our recap video!