In May, Siegfried sponsored Financial Executives International (FEI)’s Financial Leadership Summit in Nashville, TN and members of our National Market and Sales Team hosted an executive panel session on the ever-evolving role of the CFO.
About the conference
FEI’s Financial Leadership Summit brings together top experts and industry leaders to share the latest best practices on driving business strategy, empowering a workforce, and fostering a culture that can shape an organization’s success. Attendees had the opportunity to learn from financial leaders while immersing themselves in the vibrant culture of Music City.
The ever-evolving role of the CFO
Tiffany Watts, Managing Director, and Rafal Blawat, Director, led Siegfried’s panel at the conference, which included Barbara Gutierrez, CFO at InnovAgeElizabeth Salomon, Founder, Partner, and Advisor at Highland Square Advisors, LLC; and Troy Schroeder, CFO at Haselden Construction as panelists.
The group covered topics such as the CFO path with an accounting vs. finance background, tech-savviness, leadership skills, a CFO being an effective strategic partner to the CEO (the "co-pilot" of the business), driving value, corporate responsibility, trust and integrity, digital transformation, and “doing more with less”.
“For me, I find I can drive the most value by getting involved outside of just the accounting and finance role. My team’s role is to align with the overall strategic plan and make sure that we’re all clear on who our customer is. Our value is clearing internal roadblocks to allow everyone to align as easily as possible,” said Schroeder.
You can watch the full session below or on our YouTube channel.