At company’s 18th MY Journey® event, three influential business leaders share life lessons about becoming successful leaders and human beings

Growth and happiness come from within, through a combination of patience, desire, and courage. And courage is a proactive state of mind that helps people live life to the fullest and embrace their individual leadership capabilities.

Fear, on the other hand, is a reactive state of mind that bogs us down in negativity. According to Rob Siegfried, Siegfried's CEO and Founder, “Fear keeps you in the comfort zone and keeps you from getting the most out of your life,” he shared. “Adopting a mindset of courage takes time but creates positive opportunities every day.”

Rob shared these insights at Siegfried’s most recent MY Journey® event, focusing on “Individual Leadership” and “Courage.”

“Change and improvement come with patient urgency,” Rob said. “We need to understand it’s going to take time to see growth in certain areas and we need to find the urgency to wake up every day and try to do it a little bit better.”

Developing mastery in “Individual Leadership” and “Courage”

At each MY Journey® event, Siegfried helps people work toward mastery in certain focus areas.

At Siegfried, an expert in courage embraces and transforms fear into focused and relaxed thinking, communication, and action that turn dangers into opportunities, obstacles into innovations, weaknesses into advantages and setbacks into breakthroughs. And an expert in individual leadership radiates passionate ambition, commitment, and capability that influences, inspires, and motivates others to accomplish their goals, vision, or strategic direction.

Developing mastery in these areas is an ongoing process, guided by the MY Journey® program and its compelling guest speakers. At the most recent event, attendees not only gathered insights from Rob, but also from Bill McDermott, the CEO of SAP, and Sarah Robb O’Hagan, an executive, activist, and entrepreneur.

McDermott spoke about his rise from the corner store to the corner office and how building meaningful relationships leads everyone involved to greater success and happiness. O’Hagan presented “Extreme You,” focused on how we can discover what makes us tick, what excites us most, and also what we are weakest in, so we can connect with others to achieve success.

 Digging into courage and weaknesses

Following the dynamic guest speakers, Michelle Poler, a social entrepreneur and keynote speaker, moderated a panel with McDermott and O’Hagan.

The panel navigated how goal setting can create a stronger team, but tapped into the importance of the individual in the collective. “Leaders have to set very high expectations, and the height of a goal is the number one element,” said McDermott. “A team can unite around a shared cause, but it’s critical to tap into what makes that goal special to the individuals involved.” O’Hagan added that, for young people early in their career, “It’s important to try everything so you can find out what you’re good at and what you like most.”

MY Journey® attendees, following the panel, worked through some self-reflective tools to help process the key takeaways from the day. In closing, Rob ended the session by sharing, “In serious moments, courage really matters. You have to have the courage to set a vision for your own life so you can create positive change.”