One of the five promises that we make to our employees is our MY Journey® program. This program is rooted in our higher purpose, which is to help people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives.

MY Journey® is our way of helping our employees enhance and improve their individual leadership capabilities. Within MY Journey®, you will be able to build mastery in a range of areas (e.g., compelling connections, courage, live well be well, connected to the world, and digital agility). MY Journey® is one of the ways our employees experience leadership advisory; we help people find quiet, calm, patient, focused, spacious, rhythmic, creative, and insightful time to be more thoughtful and reflective about their thinking and deepest feelings about their life; clarifying what, why, how, when, how often, where, and with whom they should best be doing things, both personally and professionally.

There are many components to our MY Journey® program, including:

  • an evolving mix of live events with compelling guest speakers
  • leadership advisory trainings with our CEO
  • on-demand courses
  • interactive professional development calls with experts
  • special allowances to support your MY Journey® goals
  • state-of-the-art education
  • customized planners and tools
  • and more!

Our unique MY Journey® program is an investment that we make in our employees with the goal of helping them exponentially improve their lives. To learn more, watch our newest video!