Change happens much more quickly today than it did yesterday, or last year, or the year before that. Digital innovation fuels the acceleration and pace of change, and companies around the world are finding their aptitude to build digital agility more important than ever.

According to recent research, 63 percent of organizations are using outdated or obsolete technology, and 51 percent lack new data and technology integration.[1] They are falling behind when it comes to exceeding customer expectations, strengthening employee confidence, and fueling an atmosphere of growth – which is particularly important for an entrepreneurial organization like The Siegfried Group, LLP (Siegfried) who helps clients stay on the forefront.

Rob Siegfried, Siegfried’s CEO and Founder, wants to do more than talk about building a culture of innovation and growth. He wants to do it. “Technology is an organized way to help someone get a desired result. And combining it with human interaction and teamwork really makes technology come alive,” he says.

Rob selected Digital Agility as a new focus area for his Firm’s unique MY Journey® program. He chose to partner with PwC to provide Siegfried employees with customized learning to enhance their digital fitness and put them on a path to building mastery.

“This will be a process,” Rob explains. “I’m focused on progress, not perfection, when it comes to our mastery of digital agility. We wanted to make sure we have a clear understanding of where we are so we can get to where we need to be. As all of us begin to increase our digital agility, we’ll evolve and transform so we can continue to grow and transform in an era where change is not only inevitable, it’s constant.”

Developing Mastery

The Firm’s goal centers on developing mastery in digital agility, which the company defines as someone who, in this age of digital disruption, brings greater relevance to client service and relationships by exhibiting the mindset, skills, and behaviors that are part of an innovative culture of learning.

Rob clarifies,“I think a true expert is so well-versed in the discipline, they became a disciple. They identify with it, they see what it does for them, and they try to share that gift with other people.”

The Firm recently concentrated a live MY Journey® event on digital agility and what it means for employees — in their life and in their career. In addition to in-depth sessions led by Rob and John Karren, PwC’s Engagement Partner and Transformation Leader, a group of Siegfried employees participated in a panel discussion. Some topics of conversation included block chain, artificial intelligence, augmented reality and virtual reality, 3D printing, cryptocurrency, drones, and how technology has both complicated and simplified life.

“Digital agility is significant for everyone,” says George Siegfried, Executive Vice President at Siegfried. “When you become more relevant and agile in this area, you create a more powerful life for yourself. There’s tremendous value in an initiative like this — for our employees, for our clients, and beyond.”