The Siegfried Group (Siegfried) is pleased to announce the return of its Director Explore (DX) program, a unique and empowering opportunity the Firm provides to employees who are interested in exploring internal leadership positions.

The DX program gives these professionals the chance to explore the role of a Director in a low-risk environment. The program includes an intensive leadership seminar, shadowing, practical experience, and skills-building over a four-month period.

“I’m fortunate to work for a company that invests the time, effort, and care to develop leaders,” said Carolyne Chung. An Associate Director for the Firm, Carolyne graduated from the first DX program. “Siegfried recognizes the importance of self-discovery before you can influence those around you. That's why they established the DX program — to help eager learners advance personally and professionally."

Looking forward

“The DX program will be the key linchpin in maintaining and supporting the high-level, quality growth we have seen the past few years,” said Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder. “By improving leadership advisory skills, the Firm provides a unique value to our employees and our customers that sets us apart from other accounting firms in the industry. The training opportunity serves our higher purpose of helping people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives.”

Participating employees will be fully immersed in an entrepreneurial leadership culture that encourages confidence and strong decision making. “One of our goals is to build out the personal skills of participants so they are better equipped to be leaders in their own lives,” said Amy Devlin, Managing Director.  “Then, they can go out and do the same for others.”

The fourth DX class kicked off in Deer Valley, UT at the end of February.