Since 1988, Siegfried has been serving financial executives across the country, working closely with them on some of their most critical accounting and finance projects. This month, they are celebrating 30 years of growth and success.

What started as an entrepreneurial idea to create a CPA firm has evolved into much more. Over the last three years, Siegfried has achieved an organic growth rate of nearly 80 percent, and since its inception, a cumulative aggregate growth rate of 31 percent. With more than 700 employees, 18 different office locations across the country, and an impressive client list of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies, Siegfried continues its rise.

“When I started this Firm, I had no idea of how great the possibilities were,” says Rob Siegfried, CEO and Founder. “And it took a lot more work and time than you might think to get it right. But, I trusted and felt that I had the ambition and faithful courage to do something great, and it was a risk worth taking.”

In addition to its high-quality talent delivery capabilities, Siegfried also offers unprecedented leadership advisory services. These services put the power to become a better leader — and as a result, the power to exponentially improve your life — in your hands. “Leadership advisory has been a game changer for our Firm,” says Rob. “Our stakeholders find it increasingly more important as they continue to face the complexities, confusion, and complications of bureaucracy.”

Looking Ahead

“For the last thirty years, and for many years into the future, we’re going to continue making meaningful contributions to help people understand that being a better leader starts and ends with being a better leader of yourself,” says Rob. “We’ll help them gain clarity around that simple mindset, which is becoming increasingly desirable among people. After all, it can be extremely freeing – and extremely daunting – to know that you’re in charge of you.”

Siegfried looks forward to another 30 years and beyond of continued growth and delivering more and more on their higher purpose to help people transform themselves into better leaders to exponentially improve their lives, and on their dream to help people be more seriously relevant and irresistibly compelling.