Recently, Siegfried's CEO and Founder, Rob Siegfried, was featured in Accounting Practice Insights, a collection of lessons and observations from the Poe Group Advisors. In the article, titled "How to Grow Your CPA Firm," Rob shares the major (and unconventional) factors that he attributes to the Firm's rapid growth. Below is a short excerpt from this blog post:

"I recently had an exciting conversation with Rob Siegfried, a CPA who has grown his firm over the past 29 years from a start-up practice with no existing clients into a national firm with more than $100 million in annual revenues. I wanted to see what insights Siegfried, founder & CEO of The Siegfried Group, LLP, has gathered during this time. Based on the obstacles that we have witnessed in talking with other CPAs, his solutions confirm our observations."

Read the full post here.